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While it’s considered by many the ultimate casino game and played by millions, all around the world, each day, not many people know that history of roulette, or even what its name means. Let’s start with the name, which not surprisingly means “small wheel” in French. True, it’s not a very original name, but it certainly reflects what this is game is all about. The first form of roulette was devised in 18th century France, but the “0” was added only in 1842, while the “00” was added a few years later, when it was brought to the US, in order to increase the house edge. As you can see, when playing at an online casino always look for the European version

There are many different types of bet available when you’re playing roulette at your favorite online casino, each with a different probability and payout. Some players, for example, like the six-number bet, which consists of putting the chip between two rows of numbers, on the line on the left of the numbers column. With a pay out of 5:1, this kind of bet can be very useful at times. Accordingly, the three-number bet is played on a row of numbers and paid 11:1.

For the days you’re feeling really lucky at the online casino, the best possible bet is the single-number one, with a pay out of 35:1. While the probability of winning is only 1 in 36 (or 1 in 37 if playing at the American version), hitting the right number will certainly make you a much happier, and richer, person.

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