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Video poker differs from regular poker in one key aspect: video poker is not regular poker. That might seem a little simplistic, but Casino Red Vegas wants to be sure you understand that the worldwide phenomenon that is regular online poker cannot be replicated by playing video poker. Video poker got its inspiration from regular poker, but it more resembles the play of a slot machine mixed with poker rather than just a simple game of regular poker. Maybe a little further explanation is needed.

Video poker emerged in the second half of the twentieth century at regular, land-based casinos that wanted to offer gamblers an alternative to the poker tables but still captured the cards and used the same winning hands of poker. Using the latest in computer technology at the time, they came up with video poker. An interesting thing about video poker is that it is highly unlikely that you will find superb graphics with every online casino’s version of online video poker, as the classic feel and graphics of video poker are a treasured aspect of the game among its fans.

In order to win at video poker the cards are the same, the winning combinations are the same, but the method of play is different. The winning amounts at video poker depend on what card combinations you have when playing online video poker. Video poker at an online casino isn’t exactly like playing it at regular casinos, but this is an advantage for those who are too lazy or simply don’t have access to real land-based casinos. Find out video poker news and information when you visit Casino Red Vegas.

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